About me

My Passion:  To help young people find their passion!!


In 2007 I entered the education field as a teaching assistant.  It was as a teaching assistant that I discovered my passion for working with teenagers.  I enjoy it so much that I decided to pursue a masters in School Counseling/Psychology.  After receiving my degree, I worked in an in-lieu of suspension program called "Catalyst - Empowerment for Change".  This innovative program was developed by a team of educators, led by my mentor and internship director, Cheryl Ricciardi.


The premise behind Catalyst was to create a better, more effective means of discipline for students.  The results speak for themselves.  We were able to decrease the number of serious disciplinary infractions, while keeping students in their home school.  Being involved in such a program taught me the benefits of working with knowledgeable educators as a team to create a more effective system for children.  Since then I have wondered... what if we could duplicate this process by teaming up with other educators, parents, and stakeholders in our student's schools with the end goal of improving our current system?  Especially for students who aren't doing well. 





To develop partnerships with educators and families.  I would like to continue to gain knowledge on the things I don't know, and at the same time share insights on the things I have learned.  Through this experience and proven data, I would like to help schools create environments that enrich the lives of young people.  A failure to do this could lead to long term problems for everyone.   


My current method of partnering with the community and educators is by conversation and presentation.  I understand that my experience in education is unique.  I would like to share what I have learned.  I would also like to continue learning myself.  This is why I give presentations on my experiences in a wide variety of settings.  I also speak to educators about ways in which they can address the concerns of the whole student, not just their academics and how well they memorize facts.